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Terms and Conditions of Sambria Pharmaceuticals' Affiliate Program

Purpose of the Affiliate Program

The Sabmbria Pharmaceuticals Affiliate Program is designed to foster a beneficial partnership between the company and its affiliates. The primary goal of this program is to reward affiliates with a 10% commission for effectively promoting Sabmbria Pharmaceuticals products, while enhancing brand visibility and boosting sales through affiliate marketing efforts.

Application, Approval, and Rejection of Affiliates

Individuals interested in joining the Sabmbria Pharmaceuticals Affiliate Program must submit an application via the designated online form. Sabmbria Pharmaceuticals holds the authority to approve or deny any applications at its discretion, without obligation to provide specific reasons for its decisions.

Rejections may occur if an affiliate promotes content that is inappropriate, illegal, or discriminatory, or if their website does not meet the quality standards set by Sabmbria Pharmaceuticals. Applicants who are rejected may seek clarification and reapply after addressing any issues noted in their initial application.


Affiliates earn a 10% commission on qualifying purchases made through their unique affiliate links, excluding taxes and shipping costs. Commission eligibility requires that the customer’s purchase not be traceable back to the affiliate or their company in any way.

Sales are monitored via cookies lasting 30 days. Purchases post-cookie expiration or without cookie tracking do not qualify for commissions. The commission from a customer’s initial purchase will not apply to subsequent purchases unless the affiliate link is used again.

If a purchase generating a commission is refunded, the corresponding commission will be deducted from the affiliate’s account balance. Subscription renewals are not eligible for commissions.


Affiliates are eligible to request payment once their accumulated commissions exceed $50. All payment requests must be made through the Affiliate Dashboard, where affiliates need to provide their banking information or PayPal account details. Payments are issued on the 15th of each month. If the 15th is a non-business day, payments will be processed on the next business day.

Modification of Terms

Sabmbria Pharmaceuticals reserves the right to modify the terms of the Affiliate Program at any time. Affiliates are expected to conduct their promotional activities ethically and with respect.

Marketing Conduct

Affiliates must not employ fraudulent or spammy marketing tactics. Purchasing domains or keywords that include Sabmbria Pharmaceuticals trademarks, or using such trademarks in pay-per-click advertising, is strictly prohibited. Additionally, affiliates may not distribute referral links on commercial websites dedicated to coupons or similar platforms.

Violations and Penalties

Any fraudulent or unethical behavior related to the Affiliate Program will lead to immediate suspension of the affiliate’s account and forfeiture of any unpaid commissions.


By participating in the Sabmbria Pharmaceuticals Affiliate Program, affiliates agree to have read, understood, and accepted all terms and conditions outlined above.

For further inquiries or assistance, affiliates can contact Sabmbria Pharmaceuticals through the contact page here