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Proper Topical Anesthetic Use

      Proper topical anesthetic use includes a wide variety of applications to numb the skin. They are used to mitigate the sensations of pain, burn and itch where applied locally. Proper topical anesthetic use includes (among other) administration for:   skin irritating conditions insect bites and stings contact dermatitis minor skin injuries minor burns injection pain reduction cannula insertion pain reduction blood draw needle insertion prior to minimally … Read more

numbing cream over the counter

  Where can you get numbing cream over the counter and what are the appropriate uses?   You can find numbing cream over the counter in a variety of places, including your local pharmacy, online and through medical supply distributors. The active ingredients typical found in numbing cream over the counter are lidocaine, benzocaine and tetracaine. These active pharmaceutical ingredients or API’s are available to numb the skin for a … Read more

Tattoo skin numbing cream

    What is the best product for tattoo skin numbing?   A common fear before getting a new tattoo is the pain associated with the procedure. Pain tolerance is something that is different for everyone as a unique individual. In conjunction with the difference in pain tolerance is the various ways each tattoo skin numbing product affects each individual. Regardless the question arises, what is the best cream for … Read more

Dialysis Needle Numbing

Almost no-one likes needles. But for some, needle phobia (a.k.a trypanophobia) is much more than a minor fear. It’s a terror that can scare you away from health or dental care. And if you need dialysis, you may face needles often. Learn how needle fear works—and what you can do about it, including dialysis needle numbing, among other actions.             How You Know You Have … Read more

Dialysis lidocaine cream

  There is no getting around one fact regarding dialysis needles: they are large and therefore they hurt! The prospect of getting these large needles inserted into a body part can be intimidating and raise anxiety. There is often a good deal of pain associated with dialysis needle insertions. Reducing that pain may bring some meaningful degree of comfort to the patient. Using a topical dialysis lidocaine cream is becoming … Read more

lidocaine cream for pain and itch

  Why use lidocaine cream for pain and itch?   Lidocaine Cream is used for: Treating pain, itch, soreness, and discomfort of the skin or mucous membranes due to certain conditions such as eczema, scratches, minor burns, insect bites, and hemorrhoids. Lidocaine Cream is an anesthetic. It works by preventing nerves from transmitting painful impulses to the brain.   How to use lidocaine cream for pain and itch Before use … Read more

Numbing Dialysis Needle Sites

Dialysis needle insertion can cause pain and anxiety – numbing dialysis needle sites can reduce the associated pain       Many Chronic Kidney Disease patients who undergo or conduct hemodialysis treatments often are fearful and/or distressed about having to get stuck with large needles at the beginning of every dialysis treatment – which can be very painful. This is a serious issue which causes some patients to become anxious … Read more

Tattoo Numbing Creams

Do they really work? How do they work? What makes for a good choice of tattoo numbing creams? TATTOO NUMBING CREAMS Some people say that getting a tattoo is all about the pain–that they feel most alive when tattoo needles are puncturing their skin. There are also many tattoo artists who believe that the pain of getting a tattoo is a core part of the process and shouldn’t be downplayed. … Read more

Topical anesthetics for pediatric needle stick

Topical Anesthetics for Pediatric Needle Procedures   Needle sticks are the most common and greatest source of procedural pain for both children and adults.[1, 2] Needle stick derived pain ranges from quick immunizations to venipuncture, laceration repair, dermatologic procedures, injections, cannula insertion and is a growing concern. [1, 2] There is a growing need for topical anesthetics for pediatric needle stick and other superficial dermal instrumentation procedures. Fortunately, over the … Read more

Needle stick numbing

    Topical Lidocaine can be Used for Needle Stick Numbing   Topical anesthetics are used to mitigate localized pain associated with a variety of superficial dermal irritation conditions. These medications are also used to reduce pain prior to many superficial dermal instrumentation procedures, such as needle stick numbing.   A subsection of the population suffers from a condition called, trypanophobia, the intense fear of needles. The fear is sometimes … Read more